Window Replacement

Sash Heritage Restoration can help recommend to you whether to replace your Sash Windows or, if they are not in too bad condition, instead suggest an overhaul and a quality restoration. We recommend the latter to help you insulate your home more effectively, however this difference may be minimal and we would always seek to restore existing period sash and box frames wherever possible.

Sash Heritage Restoration are a fantastic first choice for those living in Sussex, and who wish to make home improvements. We only work with the highest quality components and we attempt to offer a range of options to suit our customers’ homes. As highly experienced Sash Window Restoration specialists, we can also install double-glazing to ensure your home can benefit from effective insulation.

High Quality Sash Windows

We know that keeping your home and your family secure is of paramount importance, and Sash Heritage Restoration make no exception. Our team will guarantee solid framework that will remain robust for many years ahead, and you can choose to have the very best multi-point locking system fitted to offer a very high level of security. If you opt for new timber frames instead of uPVC, you can be sure of renewed peace of mind.

All of our restoration and replacement work is undertaken with the intent that it lasts for many years ahead. Sash Heritage Restoration are proud users of materials that are guaranteed for many years ahead. Our specially sourced timber is air-dried and our exterior paintwork is all guaranteed for ten years. We are able to offer a sash and box frame window restoration project that is sure to last. Your sash window frames will remain stunning for many future years.

Insulated Glazing for your Home

Sash Heritage Restoration are specialists in the restoration of listed and period properties that may require very specific maintenance and repairs. Properties that have existing sash windows with multiple panes may begin to suffer from condensation and from this, ineffective insulation. Ineffective insulation can mean that the look and efficiency of the frames and woodwork are in turn affected. Listed properties require painting and maintained regularly; Sash Heritage Restoration’s team of sash window specialists can help you ensure that your windows are in the best condition they can possibly be.

Our team at Sash Heritage Restoration use their combined expertise to improve your existing sash and box frame windows with repairs and draught proofing. In cases where your windows do not yet have double glazing, we can replace your frames and install new Slimlite double glazing at the same time. While we always try to retain original frames, when these are very old they may need fully replacing to give enough frame depth. When Slimlite double glazing is installed, new metal or steel weights can ensure that the sash windows are recalibrated. This adjustment in weights will help to rebalance the new glass and heavier frame.

Our Sussex-based team, Sash Heritage Restoration, can help you with any problems you may be having with your existing sash and box window frames. If you think that your double glazing or even the secondary pane may not have been installed properly, a member of our team can arrange to visit your home and assess this for you. Our expert joiners can check that the sliding sash is working correctly, and that any glazing is sealed in to the tracks with mastic. We can also help you if you are experiencing excessive condensation. While we specialise in timber frames, we are also able to guide you when converting your windows from more contemporary sash window designs, made from other high-quality materials such as Aluminium. While these materials aren’t generally approved in listed buildings, new, contemporary architecture now utilises traditional sash window design coupled with robust compound metal materials.

Polyvinyl Chloride or Timber

Sash Heritage Restoration aim to make your home’s individual features as authentic as possible. We can aid you with restoring your sash windows to their original glory, using the very best timber and glazing techniques of the present day. Our team use their expertise and meticulous attention to detail, and with these, aim to make all your window restorations as stunning as possible. Restoring your sash windows will almost certainly improve the overall look of your home, while you can be very certain that our knowledgeable team will ensure that all national Building regulation requirements are adhered to, stringently.

 Lumber Frames and a Range of Finishes

Choosing to contact Sash Heritage Restoration for your sash window repairs or refurbishments means that you can be rest assured that we will complete any work undertaken with the most beautiful range of topcoat stain and gloss paint finishes. Our stunning timber frames can be sealed and stained with a range of natural tints, while all our exterior paint colours come with a ten-year guarantee. Our team of sash window specialists can make sure that your repairs or replacement windows or newly-fitted double glazing can be kept authentic, sympathetic to your home’s originally-intended style or period that it was originally built. From the very start, right through to the finishing touches, Sash Heritage Restorations’ friendly and capable team will install the correct hardware materials, such as weights, pulleys and other ironmongery, to stylistically match your sash windows and double glazing.

For those that live on the Brighton and Sussex coast itself, it can be even more important to ensure that your period home and sash windows have adequate draught-proofing. With strong winds and heavy rain being even more common on the coast, these properties are more exposed to the elements throughout the year. Many listed homes can have secondary glazing installed as an alternative to a complete replacement of your frames with Slimlite double glazing. Either option can make very big difference to protecting your home from the elements. Contact us at Sash Heritage Restorations today to arrange a detailed assessment of your property by our team of sash and box frame window experts.