Heritage Sash Window Repair, Restoration & Refurbishment in Sussex

Specialist in full restoration of Victorian terraced houses to grade 1 & 2 listed buildings

We have in stock a large supply of 100+ years old seasoned reclaimed wood, sashes and box frames using the dryflex wood care system recommended by British heritage for all repairs to your original heritage sash windows.

All glazing and Slimlite double glazing to original sash and casement windows

All repairs and draught excluders

Original Traditional Sash and Casement Windows

Completely restored and refurbished

A ‘One Stop

Heritage box sash and casement window repairs

Full Preparation and

Specialist treatment for historic windows

DryFlex Woodcare System

As recommended by British Heritage for all repairs

Sash Window Repairs Sussex

We are the leaders in Sash Heritage Restoration and Specialists in Grade 1 and 2 Listed Buildings. We come highly recommended for professional sash window Renovation and Restoration. Simply sit back and relax while us the experts treat your historic property with care and attention. As fully qualified specialists in box frame and sash window restoration, renovation, and refurbishment, we restore the authenticity of your property’s beautiful windows. Not only do we reinstate your property’s original splendour, but we also ensure your windows are draught-free. Rest assured you receive a quality service, as all our gloss paints are supported by a 10-year guarantee. We can repair any sash and casement window permanently in: Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Eastbourne, Shoreham, Lancing, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Worthing, Chichester, East Sussex, West Sussex and Sussex.

We Offer Fast and reliable Sash Window Repairs, Renovation and Restoration in Sussex

Renovating And Refurbishment of your Sash Window;

  • We give the highest standard restoration service to your Sash Windows. retaining the beauty of our Heritage.
  • Using carpentry and the renowned Dry-flex wood care-system, we can save any original sash window and frame as explained and shown on our dedicated web page.
  • The treatment includes draught excluders and window draught proofing fitted to any sash windows, casement windows and doors.
  • We can make and install new sash windows and frames made on site if absolutely needed.
  • We do 50% more completed work for the same price as our competitors! This is because we give the perfect preparation ready for redecoration.

For Sash Heritage Restoration Our Services Include:-

  • All repairs undertaken
  • Remove all old paint back to the bare wood, sand then prime – most sashes require this so when new draught excluders are fitted it ensures perfect rattle free movement.
  • New brush-pile draught proofing to the sashes.
  • Fit new staff and parting beads with brush-pile draught proofing.
  • Router sash and casement windows for fitted draught excluders.
  • Lubricate pulleys.
  • Fit new brass pulleys.
  • Rebalance by adding or removing weight.
  • New Brighton fasteners.
  • New best heavy duty sash cords.
  • New glazing.
  • Fit Slimlite double glazing into original sashes.
  • Crown and cylinder glass supplied and fitted.
  • Caulk with a fine flexible decorator’s filler to all gaps ready for undercoat and top coat.
  • Splice in new timbers to existing sash windows
  • Carpentry, new sills and sashes if required.
  • Using carpentry and dry flex to restore your sash windows to their original elegant appearance.
  • Exterior and interior painting and decorating.
  • Repairs of cracked rendering.
  • Clean all glass when the work is finished – as well as keeping the area cleaned and tidy at all times.